With four completed short stories/novels and two in the works, I am currently working on illustrating and publishing my works. Learn more about the characters and keep up with my progress on my Blog.

Importance of a Sapphire

Importance of a Sapphire and it's sequel Blossoming of a Jewel: Coming into hard times Elizabeth and Darrell Carlson begrudgingly sign their daughter away to a man for four years in exchange for money. When they try to return the money rather than give up their daughter everything changes for Saphira. But living her life working in the mines isn't the only battle that she faces. Fighting for her family and acceptance Saphira grows up always being the protector. But can she handle all that this entails?

Dreams: Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? Have you had a reoccurring dream that comes on the same day every year? Paris has. This year the dreams aren't the only strange part of Paris' life. When she finds a guy in a neighbor's house more than just the meaning behind these dreams will be revealed.

Moments Cover Image

Moments: In this short story Riley is struggling with the loss of her best friend. Opinionated and stubborn the only person that can reign her in and keep her sane is her baby sister, Lily. The time she spends with her "baby" are moments she's never going to forget.